Company profile

Shanghai Huanshi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2005 by the American PAUL BEAL founded. Prior to that, Mr. PAUL BEAL served 28 years at John Deere in the United States and founded John Deere Shanghai Leasing Company as Chief Executive Officer.

Over the years integrity, security, professional and efficient services and reasonable prices in the industry and domestic and foreign customers get praise.

In the daily operation, the company followed the four guiding principles. These principles are instilled in the company's business philosophy and culture, and these principles are the company's company as the basis for survival.

1. security - involves every aspect.

2. Training - training customers safe and efficient operation of high-altitude vehicles.

3. Customer service - timely feedback and maintenance of each device.

4. Consider the total life cycle cost of the customer's purchase of the machine, providing customers with reasonable spare parts at reasonable prices.