Large customer service

The National Large Customer Leasing Program (NARP) is a step-by-step communication barrier designed to help large companies overcome the different stores with the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic and the Czech Republic, in order to make it easier to enjoy the Czech Republic's equipment rental service s project.

What can a big customer bring (right)?

Direct group contact

Project start support

Possible discount / bonus item

Exclusive credit commissioner, providing credit and account support

National certification / credit limit

National pricing options - exchange rate protection or discounts

Agreed terms and conditions

Timely and effective solution to the problem


Industry's first cross-regional customer service system

More than 30 years of experience in dealing with cross-regional accounts

Dedicated single account manager is responsible

Throughout the project has continued to improve service and cost control

stand by

Industry's first cross-regional customer service system

Uniform rental system and the same equipment specifications

Specification of the process, operation and data reporting provided

Support customer equipment leasing portfolio requirements


Customized services meet customer local and cross-regional requirements

Targeted procurement to meet customer specific equipment needs

Major customer discount program