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Thank you Ningxia Tai Yi Xin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Purchasing Division I purified water unit

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Since the 1990s into the Chinese market, JLG in China's high-altitude field of brand awareness quickly increased, access to market consensus. Behind this, the world's leading product design and manufacturing process to the great, but JLG far over the ocean but even the same level of gold medal service also contributed. To a high-altitude operating platform, for example, the customer's mouth, "good service" is reflected in - before the purchase of information is smooth, easy to buy and reliable, after the purchase of timely protection. In JLG's service concept, these demands are expressed in three words - careful, patient and confident. So that customers feel the three words is not easy, JLG from the source clinging to the service concept, and with interlocking service system as a guarantee, and ultimately to the end user unified and reliable JLG-style service experience.

Whether it is specific training for specific products, or the industry's first online learning system - JLGU (JLG University), JLG service engineers all over the country to provide excellent technical accumulation. On this basis, JLG continue to use targeted training to improve the skills of service personnel, and the establishment of case sharing mechanism to encourage service engineers to communicate and learn from each other. By discussing the different situations encountered in the work and learning from each other in the service practice to sum up the new method, JLG service personnel and therefore can continue to walk on the road of excellence.

On a recent Saturday afternoon, the JLG service team stationed in Shanghai received an urgent task, saying that a device had a poor operation. JLG service staff immediately rushed to the scene, found that the fault situation is more complex, coupled with the site for security reasons, can not carry out further hydraulic system checks, so the user will be sent back to the base equipment for further testing. Due to the tight schedule, the user did not accept the proposal the first time, patient service staff through detailed communication with the user and the coordination of human nature, the final agreement to the machine out of the construction site for maintenance. And the base of the relevant technical staff reluctantly day and night the joint efforts, and soon identify the cause of the failure, a smooth troubleshooting. The next morning, JLG will be full of state equipment to the customer.