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Shanghai Huanshi to observe the 11th China International Construction Machinery Exhibition

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The 11th China International Construction Machinery Exhibition
Shanghai Central Real Machinery Co., Ltd. related to the leadership to observe the real situation

JLG's first "Asian" scissor-style aerial platform debuted at the BICES show

Written by Murray Pollok - 19 Oct 2011

JLG Industries has launched the first "Asia" scissor-type aerial work platform, this product is inexpensive, the main equipment manufactured by the Chinese manufacturer and mainly marketing the Asian market.

The product, which was launched at the BICES show, was commissioned at the JLG Tianjin plant in February, with a new design with a platform height of 10 meters and said Mr. Bill Dovey, product manager at JLG Aerial Work Platform.

"Asian users said they needed a basic scissor-style aerial platform that was inexpensive at the cost of purchasing, owning and operating," said Mr. Dovey, "International Aerial Worker."

Although this product and ES3246 models of the platform is highly consistent, but these two products in many ways are different. The new product uses five connection stacks instead of four to reduce the transport length from 98 inches to 90 inches, which means that 40-foot standard containers can carry nine such devices.

The new product is also equipped with a passive pit protection system that replaces the active pile protection system for the ES series (and most of today's most modern electric scissor-type aerial work platforms), resulting in a reduction of 17 operating components and 2 switch.

The scissor-type aerial work platform uses a rear-wheel electric direct drive and front wheel steering, and the cable does not need to bend when the equipment is turned, which is another measure designed to reduce service and maintenance costs.

Similarly, the battery pack for this product does not have a swivel tray, and the hydraulic system is not installed in the lift cylinder as the ES series, but is placed inside the chassis, which simplifies the service program. This aerial work platform only designed four hydraulic lines, two for the steering system, two for the lift cylinder.

Other features that new products are favored by Asian users include four fastening and lifting bolts at the four corners of the device, which helps protect the wheels.

"The overall design intent of the new product is easy to maintain," said Mr. Dovey, who has been with JLG for 35 years and has extensive experience. Mr. Dovey says they have cut off other features that are not related to the basic drive, steering and lifting functions.

The aerial work platform is expected to be 15% cheaper than a similar ES scissor aerial platform series, and Mr. Dovey said that the cost of shipping to overseas products is still low because of the small size of the equipment, which can save freight costs.

"When we talk about JLG's further plans to develop products for the Asian market, Mr. Dovey said," We want to see the future needs of the market. This aerial work platform is the preferred product for Asian users. "When asked about JLG for Asian users The launch of a similar aerial work platform (JLG has been developed for the Asian shipyard 1100S telescopic boom aerial platform) market prospects, Mr. Dovey politely answered "no comment".

10RS products will be sold in Asia and Latin America. Mr. Dovey added that this product will "enable Indian customers to have the ability to purchase new JLG aerial platforms".